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Paint Jobs

We do all over paint jobs, paint repair, & custom paint. we also make different kind of color to really make your car, truck, van or suv really stand out from all the others


Battery Change

you have a battery you feel like is still good just need a good changing just drop it off and we will changer it if it can be changer


Body Repair

We do a lot of body work and body repair from dents part replacements, customs body work like fiber glass parts and wide body kits.


Custom Lighting

Custom lighting from Interior light, Exterior light, & under glow kits 


Audio & Audio systems

We install radio speakers amp subwoofers and all you can have in a audio system 


Headliner repair

your headliner is coming down got holes in it or you just don't like it we can change your headliner to something you would love.

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